Chapter 1

A Sweet Meeting

What happens when a technology sales gal with a lifelong desire to start a greeting card company meets a designer with a printing press? Sweet Bippy, that's what. Michael and Patricia have a love of all things letterpress. They never stop thinking about ideas for the next card. Their "to print" list is out of control.

Chapter 2

Meet Charlie

"Charlie" was born in 1918 by the Chandler & Price company in Cleveland, Ohio. He is named after Charles Modesette, Michael's grandfather who was a newspaper reporter in Arizona and Texas. Charlie's powered by a foot treadle, much like an old sewing machine. Even at this advanced age, he works flawlessly and is our go to machine for the Mini Gift Card line.

Chapter 3

charlie's big brother

In late 2020, we added little more horsepower to the Sweet Bippy empire—a 1960s German made Heidelberg platen press. This machine is often referred to as a windmill, after the shape and movement of its paper feed system. "Willie" came to Petaluma all the way from Florida and is happy not to be on the road again.

the big move


In 2021 we relocated to Petaluma, California, the Chicken and Egg capital of the country. Our presses are in the Watershed building in Downtown Petaluma.

the future

Mixing it up

We continue to add new card and poster designs and are proud to be featured in some of San Francisco Bay Area's coolest retail stores such as the Marin Country Mart Trading Post, Mill Valley Depot Cafe & Bookstore, Once Around, George, Jolt!, Proof Lab, I Leoni, Whim, and The Fig Garden.